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This is a sonic RP group with it's own fanon based off of what has already existed in the official canon of Sonic the Hedgehog. The world is flexible so don't worry about getting things perfectly right. It's about building something interesting for us to play in.
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Jan 5, 2017


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What You Should Know

Ok, so we have some simple rules to follow around here. They will be refined as we trip over problems and people and what not.

The World

The word here is fairly open. It has all the common places from the known sonic universe such as Miracle Planet over Never Lake, Knothole, Station Square,etc. If your character joins and has an area in their history then it shall be added to the world. No troubles

The characters

All characters are welcomed from the stupidly overpowered to the more down to earth, slice of life characters BUT you leave your personal rules at the door. This means that your abilities can be changed, your equipment can be disarmed or made useless, etc. The reason for this is to keep things interesting

Characters will be submitted to their respected alignment folder. Heroes, Villains and Neutrals. We prefer some sort of picture but you can add it as just a literature file if you can't get a picture.

When you add your character, they need a little bit of a history and small description of abilities if they have any. If your OC has any relationship to an official character, then it can't be a strong one. You can say for example, Rouge knows your OC because they worked together in GUN but you can't say you are the son of Sonic or in a relationship with Sally.

You can RP the canon characters too all ya want buuutt.. look at the Other Bits section :P

The Storyteller

The world here has a little bit of structure and the person in control of that structure is the Storyteller (ST). When you play with the ST, you have to designate your main character for that RP story.

The ST has little control over your main character, they can't force you to do something you don't want your main character to do (unless something within the story happens you agree with).

You can bring along whatever support characters you would like and have control over them like normal BUT the ST also has control over them too when they feel they can do something interesting with them.

The ST controls anything that is not you or your characters for the most part. They are the reality that you are playing in

When you play with the storyteller, your RP will be considered part of the canon of this group so in future sessions, you can then refer back to this history :) but these will basically be journal entries.

You are more than welcome to do your own thing in teh comments section or the chatroom with out someone being the ST

There is an official story teller position but if you want that position and help build the world here, you have to show me, the admin, your RP and story creation abilites.

Character Equipment

No character is allowed to start with any canon relics of power in any of the stories we start here except for what the Storyteller plans. If your OC has the chaos emeralds for one reason or another because of their backstory then they are considered counterfeit. You can still use them but they will always be considered a power level underneath the true emeralds. We do that here because the emeralds are always some sort of pivotal point in a sonic story and should always be reserved for that.

The Goal (and rewards)

This group is typically for me to keep track of what I have created from RPs in the sonic fandom. It's better for me to have an archive for the characters I use rather than jump from RP account to RP account but i also like sharing with others waht i have and plan.

The reason why i also made the storyteller rules is so i can properly make a story with people. Many times in the past when someone asks for an RP, it typically goes no where and people just do mundane things with their OCs. There is no direction. I like having some sort of direction with stories and the best way i found is to just be the villain since mostly everyone wants to be the hero. The ST rules are there to help keep the villain in power so they aren't one shotted when the player decides to throw a wall of text at ya.

oh yea.. rewards? Well i like drawing sonic related stuff here and there and i figure stuff that happens in the history of this group can be made :)... when i have time that is.

mature things

You can have some adult themes around here but don't let it come down to straight out porn

You can have Rouge with literature jiggle physics or have Amy suddenly grow a banging pair of tits but if your story is just nothing but meaningless sex then it's not allowed.

Other bits

You can play canon characters all you like but if you do things that are not in line with the canon of the character... you will be marked and archived in a special way :)





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